Our services

Ship Owner request for specific Surveys 

Upon request of ship Owner the vessel can be inspected either during loading/unloading operations or at sea, In order to evaluate her performance. In details, will be carried out an assessment of overall conditions, ship manning and management, reference and records, ship`s class and statutory certificates and documents, navigation equipments, communication equipments, firefighting and lifesaving appliances, engine room and machineries, condition of hull as far as visible, cargo handling machineries, deck equipments, ballast, cargo tanks/cargo holds overall assessment, in terms of coating and structural conditions, as far as practicable. Inspection report will include also list of defects recommendations in order to prioritize maintenance items. If requested dry-docking works specification can be developed. Under request Technical budget preparation,monitoring and management.

Vessel pre-purchase Survery

Inspection of vessel at a loading or discharging port. In the case of a tanker, we ask for a discharging port where pumps, boilers, winches, tank valves, cargo lines, inert gas etc are in full operation and where maximum pressure is on the vessel to perform a safe discharge and crude oil wash operation within a given time. The vessel is then given a thorough assessment and a report is made on all machinery, holds (if possible), deck machinery, engine room machinery, safety gear etc. If requested, joining the vessel to make a ballast voyage in order to inspect, in the case of tankers, the method of tank cleaning, line cleaning, and inert gas operations, tank washing, machine operations, inspect cargo tanks and lines. Assess the vessel`s Performance, to ascertain the vessels suitability for the requirements of the Major Chartering

New Building 

Conducted on a progressive inspection schedule throughout the vessel construction, main and auxiliary engines test bed attendance, sea trials, take-over and guarantee claims handling. In details, analysis of technical building specification, including all necessary production drawings, tender evaluation, contractual negotiation on the technical specification, on site supervision and reporting, commissioning, testing and trials ,handover and delivery.

Hull & Machinery - Claims  

Undertake Hull and Machinery Insurance works for: Hull and Machinery Underwriters, Insures, P & I Clubs, Owners, Charters. We cover all the initial assessment of the damage, evaluate the scope of repairs, assist in preparing repair specification, assessing the availability and suitability of the Repairer, sending and evaluating the tenders, supervision of repairs, assisting and guiding with the settlement of repair invoice(s).

Development of Dry-Dock Specification works list and attendance in Dry-Dock 

Pre-Yard vessel`s Survey to be conducted to identify defects, development of work lists, Shipyard and Paint Suppliers selection in order to obtain the best budget prices, based on tender bid evaluation. On site management including work prioritization, contract oversight and reporting against the budget. Independent verification of schedule completion, including earned value analysis. On site attendance until completion of repairs and assist Owners to finalize final invoice with the Shipyard. Inspection of repair works are conducted to attest the integrity level quality of Shipyard and/or Subcontractor repair works. Sea trials attendance.

Bunker Surveys 

NCE requests Owners/Charters to have their Chief Engineer or his representative present during the inspection and gauging of all the bunker tanks on the vessel and the bunker barge. Accurate assessment of soundings/ullages figures, on both the vessel and the bunker barge is critical to the determination of the actual fuel quantity supplied. All vessel and bunker barge measurements are recorded on the spot, a copy of which will be given to each of the parties present. To avoid delays to the bunker delivery, the NCE surveyor will board the vessel at least one hour before the bunker barge’s arrival to complete the initial vessel tank gauging measurements, to be compared with the official log figures. All the bunker barge’s tanks, including non-nominated bunker tanks will be measured in the presence of the ship and supplier representatives. Before finishing bunkering check for signs of fine bubbles in the bunker loaded while the bunker barge is still alongside. If fine bubbles are observed, immediately report observations to Owners/Charters. It is easier for all parties to sort out the matter before all documents have been signed and barge departs. If a short delivery arises, these records together with non-cargo tanks declaration can be used in the subsequent investigation. When all initial vessel`s and bunker barge measurements are done, the transfer may start. On completion of the bunker transfer, the NCE surveyor requires to close the measurement on the bunker barge first to determine the quantities supplied. If there is a quantity difference between the vessel and the bunker barge missing, NCE surveyor will carry out a dispute investigation after consulting the Chief Engineer and the supplier representative. Vessels are recommended to install a line sampler to collect representative samples according Marpol 73/78 Annex VI, to be sent ashore to a recognized laboratory for analysis of quality of bunker(s) supplied.

On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys 

Survey to be conducted either before the vessel is delivered into a charter, or redelivered from a charter. The report of survey will include a detailed description of a vessel’s cargo spaces/deck areas structural condition, cargo space cleanliness, bunkers on board, listing of the vessel’s Class and Statutory Certificates.Vessel`s Performance in terms of Speed and Consumptions. 

Condition Surveys 

Focused on class, statutory certificates and documentation assessment, shipboard management, fire safety and lifesaving appliances, pollution control, bridge, navigation and communications, hull and deck conditions, ballast, cargo tanks/hatches and void spaces, machinery spaces, bunker survey, vessel`s performances records.

Inspection pre-entry P&I Club 

Summary of survey and condition of vessel, Class and Statutory Certificates inspection, Records and Manning, External hull and superstructure, anchors, chains, windlass, Ballast tanks, Deck equipment inspection, Hatch covers, Derricks & Cranes and Holds, Cargo equipment, Engine room, Machinery and Bunkering, Bilges, running hours of the Main and Auxiliary Engines, Deflection reports and Spares Inventory, Bridge and Navigation Communications, Life Saving Apparatus /Fire Fighting Equipment, Ship and machinery log books, Defect list and Condition Statement, Ship’s plans, last cargo(s), voyages.